Independent advisory and consulting services

in the field of companies’ management and quality systems


Providing of advisory and consultancy services, training, advisory on food laballing and other support in food industry.


The main activity of this division is providing advisory services in management of farm animals, zootechnical registration, welfare, nutrition and feeding.


The division provides logistics services and marketing for all divisions of the company and their customers. The activities are based on the use of own applications in the information system.


Testimonials from satisfied customers

MARLENKA international s.r.o.

"We started our cooperation with KONFIRM in 2014, a few years after the new production hall was commissioned. The aim was to set up the best possible quality assurance system in the new plant, using new technologies. KONFIRM helps us to set this quality in the individual steps of production, including the subsequent control according to the individual articles of the BRC and IFS standards.

The long-standing cooperation is based on regular visits of the auditor, Mr. Stanislav Králík to our plant, who carries out internal audits in our company, periodically trains our employees or actively cooperates in the implementation of new requirements of the standards. We particularly appreciate his experience in the entire food industry, his friendliness, loyalty and insight.

KONFIRM also sends us a monthly update on food legislation, highlighting changes affecting our plant and a RASFF report."

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