• active substance: saponins (plant soaps)
  • product consistency - fine powder
  • ground, sun-dried whole plant
  • flavouring agent
  • 100% herbal supplement

Deodorant effects:

  • saponins in a content of 12 to 14% absorb on their surface substances of ammonia nature in the body of animals

Positively affects

  • well-being in the stable
  • welfare
  • living and working environment


      • slurry consistency
      • condition of joints, fur
      • immunity
      • health condition


      • feed mould
      • cholesterol level
      • death of piglets
      • urea in the blood


  • Meets the conditions of Act No. 76/2002 Coll. On integrated pollution prevention and control, as amended, for intensive livestock farming (IPPC - BAT)
  • Is in the List of verified biotechnological preparations for reducing emissions and ammonia and odours applied to feed, watering, deep bedding, grates, excrement landfills, manure and slurry - more at www.vuzt.cz in the biotechnological preparations section.


List of verified biotechnological preparations

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Professional publications

Article published in the magazine Náš chov [PDF; 54 kB]

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