The TFMS clearly sets out the requirements for its suppliers. In some instances the TFMS will make reference to a Code of Practice which is also applicable and details its additional requirements on this subject. Under no circumstance does adherence to the TFMS replace the need for compliance to all relevant legal standards in the country of manufacture or the intended country of sale. Compliance to the standard is in addition to the duty held by the supplier to produce safe and legal food.

The TFMS is applicable to all primary and secondary food suppliers to Tesco. Although identified as a food manufacturing standard, this document applies equally to sites packing food.

Depending on the category of non conformances and numbers identified, sites will receive a specific rating:

  • Blue = Satisfactory
  • Green = Satisfactory
  • Amber = Improvement needed
  • Double Amber = Improvement needed
  • Red = Not Satisfactory

Note. Double Amber status is used for sites which have consecutive Ambers (and those which were Red prior to Amber).