Originally introduced in 2006 the Global Standard for Storage and Distribution provides the essential certification link between the range of BRC manufacturing Standards and the end user, the retailer/food service company.

Storage and distributor companies can be certificated against this Standard to demonstrate their competence in maintaining product safety and integrity. The Standard is equally relevant to companies storing and/or distributing food, consumer goods and packaging. This Standard is applicable to all forms of transportation.

Storage and distribution is the link between all stages of the product supply chain and retail. The introduction and the implementation of this Standard represent the efforts made to ensure product safety and integrity through the supply chain.

The Standard contains separate modules for the different sectors within the supply chain, namely storage, distribution, wholesaling and contracted specialist services offered by storage companies such as:

  • Product Inspection/Sorting
  • Contract Packing (Repacking, Assembly Packing)
  • Quantity Control Inspection
  • Contract Chilling/Freezing/Defrost Operations